Tethered Shooting

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Re: Tethered Shooting

I did this, long ago, and it worked well. For my uses, after a few years I happily moved "up" to full computer tethered shooting. But, shooting to your camera card and using your camera video out to a TV does work nicely. My experience is far before the D500 (probably using a Fuji S2 back then?), but "assume" all will be good.

It drives models (pro or not) absolutely nuts. They watch the monitor constantly... if you are shooting people, arrange it so the folks in front of the camera can't see the TV (or laptop) until they come behind the camera.

When I did this, cameras didn't have HDMI. I used ?component? video out from the Fuji S2. I know the video folks here are cursing me, but the cable for that is thin and flexible. HDMI cables are thick and un-flexible. You might see if the D500 has component video and give up a bit of resolution for a far superior (and longer) cable option.

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