What routers are people using? looking for your thoughts.

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Re: What routers are people using? looking for your thoughts.

bobkoure wrote:

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My experience with power line adapters (in the U.K.) is that you get a significant drop in speed if you go between two “consumer units” (fuse boards).

I see the OP is in Canada, which has power similar to the US - and this introduces another issue. We use 115VAC - but it doesn't come into the building that way. Instead, it's 230 that's split into 115 'legs' at the main panel. Code in the US is that there must not be a possible 230V differential within the same room. (exception: it's kept as 230 for electric stoves, big A/C units, and, now, car chargers)

I've experienced power line adapter issues when going from one 'leg' to another. I think the OP will need to look at the panel to see how the garage is wired (I'd assume it's on a sub-panel, and, if you can get CAT6 to the panel you might be able to wire an outlet on the same 'leg' as the garage, and so put one end there, but, if the basement is already on a different leg, getting a licensed electrician to do this will be problematic. I would say that if that's the case, and you know how to wire (and if you do, you're probably aware of all this) wire it to a single outlet box and fasten the powerline adapter to that outlet so it cannot be removed. Having worked with it a little bit, 230V is really not something you want to even potentially expose your family to. Best case is that there's an outlet on the same leg as the garage that you can get a CAT6 to.

This was the same issue with the old X10 smart device controls.  For those of was possible to install a bridge between the legs.  Without that the signal needs to travel out to the street side transformer to bridge.   Easiest way to test if this is a problem is to turn on one or more 230v appliances. If the connectivity improves, then your devices are on different legs.

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