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Re: LG V30 + A Photo

mapachebasura wrote:

I very, very much miss my V10 also. I took so many great shots on it but ended up getting it destroyed right when I got back from a trip. Only managed to salvage half of them. Thus ending up with a V20 - a phone I'm still using since it was new and I like but... I'm a little meh on the cam.

So this is the result. Neither is especially great to be clear, I think they are just semi-indicative. I get that the jpg is going to have interpolation and computational whatever. It just seems like even with all the extra data of a raw file, I can't get some of the same qualities.


I had a G4, G6, V20 and V30.
RAW files from the V20 needed a bit of correction but were definetly usable. The wide angle was a bit poor and is much improved on the V30.
The RAW files of these older models are quite easy to work on because they already have some correction applied, with saturation adjustment and no vignetting. They're often a bit overexposed tought.
The new models, V60 and Velvet have none of these adjustments and the image needs a lot of correction.

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