X-H2 / X-T5 and Nikon ''stacked'' sensor?

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Thanks for the polemics..

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You are being such a loyalist now...D850,D810,D800,D750,D4,D5, D6...All have had Sony sensors with slight tweaking here and there. Nikon don't make sensors and if they do then it would have been obvious by now. Stop dreaming.

So this is not true: https://petapixel.com/2018/07/17/yes-nikon-designs-its-own-sensors/ ?


I’ve known for some time that Nikon actually designs their own sensors, to a fairly minute level of detail,” Etchells writes. “I think this is almost unknown in the photo community; most people just assume that ‘design’ in Nikon’s case simply consists of ordering-up different combinations of specs from sensor manufacturers, picking a feature from column ‘A’, another from column ‘B’ and so on, like a Chinese restaurant menu.

“In actuality, they have a full staff of sensor engineers who design cutting-edge sensors like those in the D5 and D850 from the ground up, optimizing their designs to work optimally with NIKKOR lenses and Nikon’s EXPEED image-processor architecture.

That's marketing for your info...Keep the investors happy, every good info is good for the company to hold onto their market value or better. Its very easy to identify sensors other than Sonys. Look at Canons, even the pins position and numbers are different. However you can never tell apart sensors in Nikon cameras from Sonys. Nikon needs every bit of good publicity to keep it afloat......Sensors from Sonys are the best of the crop and cheaper than inhouse designs. Go figure...Stop this blind fanatism

Every advanced electronics firm today designs their own chips. It has been going on for years and there are a wealth of computerized designs tools to do that. The design and fabrication are two independent processes. The design engineers will determine based on the requirements the best process technology to use and then the tools will generate the design rules in that process technology. The design rules and specifications are then sent out for fabrication. While Fairchild Camera and Instrument developed and delivered many digital EO imaging cameras and systems and while we had our very own semiconductors foundary - Fairchild Semiconductor - many of our cameras used other foundries because the technology was a better match to the requirements. Although the first digital camera to fly in space was built by Fairchild Semi - it went into a PerkinElmer camera.

Apple designed the ARM chips that goes in all their mobile devices. They designed from scratch what they call Apple Silicon which are high performance ARM based devices that are replacing Intel X86 processors in their laptops and PC's. Make no mistake Apple designed them using the ARM based architecture. Apple does not have a fab and contracted the fabrication to TMSC. Qualcomm who designs most of the chips (communications and processor) used in mobile phones - Qualcomm is fabless. However, although they do not fabricate the Snapdragon chip - no would would claim it is not a Qualcomm chip.


Who fabs the Snapdragon - TSMC the same fab that fabs Apple Silicon.

But make no mistake the chip designs belongs to Apple and Qualcomm respectively. That is common practice and is basically what Nikon does - often contracting the fab out to Sony but not always. Proprietary elements of a design cannot be used by the fab to sell to any other costumer are standard in such contracts. The design belongs to Apple or Nikon or FCI, the processing technology belongs to the fab.

We have heard this many a times before...How the greatest sensor of them all in D800, D850 is Nikon's inhouse designs..All that was proved wrong time and time again.


It is never good of a business practice to have a full team of sensor design engineering team when none of their designs make their way into Nikon cameras. Lets be real and steer away from crap talk.

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