d9 Apply settings to live view – still affects AF performance in Z6II

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Re: It bothers me

JacquesC wrote:

A Cope wrote:

Not bitter or suffering switcher's remorse just yet. Been loving the new cameras so far – they produce fantastic files and perform really well most of the time – but it's frustrating that the major mirrorless benefit of what-you-see-is-what-you-get still hinders AF so noticeably at times, especially when the light levels dip or you're trying to retain lower light levels in photos, backlit or otherwise. It's not a constant consideration by a long shot, but it's still a consideration.

Would love to hear that I'm missing something, and what others have found with this!

I was also hoping that this issue will be resolved in the newer bodies, but it sadly looks like the AF in low light is still very far behind the DSLR.

The major players in mirrorless appears to work very hard at optimising AF tracking and eye/face detection, but not so much on low light performance.

That's a pity.

The Z cameras are otherwise really superb and a real joy to use. If the AF can be improved to the point where it can match the AF of the D500/D850 then I am convinced that it will kill the DSLR.

Now I wonder - what will the upcoming Z9 bring to the table AF-wise?

It better be very good else Nikon's hint that it will be better than the D5/D6 might blow up in their face.

Turning D9 off makes the camera exceptional at low light tracking. I don't understand why this is viewed as a complete negative.

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