Advice on printing famous photographs?

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Re: Advice on printing famous photographs?

susan2012 wrote:

I agree people’s instinct are to cling to current ways of doing things but that always bites them in ass when they end up losing all income because of it. It reminds me of when musicians like Metallica were trying to shame people into not downloading music and just buy overpriced CDs. It didn’t work. Music industry ended up in crisis when everyone just started downloading everything. The iTunes ended up saving their hide when 0.99c per song was just reasonable enough to consumers in conjunction with user friendliness of online music store to give artists back an income.

Likewise, if photographers don’t find more modern business model and all the people who would like to buy their photos are compelled to steal them instead, then they’ll be at the mercy of another Steve Jobs to provide modern sales channel at late stage already most of opportunity missed.

I doubt the kind of photographers you interested in is possible to make a living from print sales not mater how famous they are and no matter the business model. Or from selling books. They are doing other things. Commissioned work, teaching etc.

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