16-55mm f2.8 or 24-105mm f4 for A6600

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Re: 16-55mm f2.8 or 24-105mm f4 for A6600

If you have near future plans to buy a full frame body I would not invest heavily on crop only sensor glass.

If the 24-105 is an option then I would get the 24-105 so you dont lose $500 or so on the 16-55 when you go to sell it paying more money to get what you wanted in this what if

F 2.8 to F 4 does not matter for 1 stop depending what you are doing and your needs.  If you have a specialty need I suggest a prime lens.

To that end might as well buy a full frame version of the 16-55 if you need 24 to xxx

Just do those numbers to figure out equivalence.


I would also advise if you are spending $1400 on the A6600 it is only $300 more for the A7 iii then the 24-105 is a no brainier.


If you must have a crop sensor camera and that is all you want and you have no plans for full frame. I would then tell you to look at the Fuji X system.

I shoot Sony and a Leica Q2 and in the past owned and sold the A6500

Depends what you want BUT make your money work for you is what I try to do.

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