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Re: Compress Raw Files?

Zoba132 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I recently figured out there's an option to output a Compressed RAW format in my X-T20 at half the size. That's pretty useful. I have a lot of non-compressed Fuji RAW files from a time I didn't know this exists. Is there a way to "Compress" those? To the compress format Fuji outputs?

Also, while already brought the RAW topic - I recently moved from JPEG into RAW. Because I mostly end up with 30-40 pictures per session after culling (a day at the park with the family for example), and I don't want to re-touch each one of those, I set my camera for both JPEG and RAW. The problem is that I takes a lot of space.

I ended up deciding that for sessions like a day in the park, where I end up with a lot of picture, I will take both JPEG and RAW picture, and will delete all RAW except for couple of pictures I really liked (so perhaps 5-10 out of 40).

I will use RAW elusively for scenarios where I go out and try to take that one or two best pictures (that perfect lighthouse pictures for example).

I wonder how you handle it? do you manage it? or just get more Hard-Drive space and use RAW?


Disk space is pretty cheap these days so i have a big disk and big memory cards. But I cull pictures pretty rigorously so I don’t need that much long term storage.

Technically it’s probably possible to compress uncompressed RAW files but I don’t think there are any tools available.

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