Advice on printing famous photographs?

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Re: Advice on printing famous photographs?

susan2012 wrote:

I would like to put together a collection of great photographs to print and hang on my walls at home. Probably mostly favourite photographs of famous street photographers such as Lieter, Daido, Winogrand, etc.

Can anyone recommend the best way of obtaining high quality files for these photos in order to print them out? Or else, how to simply obtain high quality prints? I suppose that just stealing them off the internet isn't best either ethically or in terms of quality. If they are publicly available for free anyway, however, and there is a good place to go to find them, it would be great to know about that option as well.

Thanks ahead for whatever you could advise.

You have to buy them printed and they are expensive.

For example from a past sale of Joel Meyerowitz prints:

$120 for a 5"X7".

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