Will M 4/3 lenses cover APS C sized Sensors?

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In case anyone is interested, I have the S6 with flanges from ZCam for Canon and m43 and most of my m4/3 lenses cover the sensor, as do my older lenses with cheap adapters and metabones &c. You do see some distortion with like a 12mm.

The F6 is the one with the coverage issue. But you can crop it of course.

THANK YOU I appreciate someone seeing this and answering. The 12mm that is creating distortion? Which 12mm and what does the distortion look like?

Again Thank you!

Here's what I know: the S6 is Super 35 and has a couple of different sizes like 6K, cinema 6K and full gate which is the whole sensor.

So, first of all, the S6 is a great camera.
You can disregard the stuff about full frame and the lens won't work &c &c since I have the camera and I am a videographer. I don't know why ppl don't think it will work; some lenses are built with extra coverage and some aren't.

The mounts are interchangeable, you take the Canon off and put the M43 on with a few screws.

You can use an "air" Metabones Canon to m43 as well for fast lens changes and just buy the m43 mount. I have the Canon mount, the m43 mount and the Metabones but I could get by with two of the three no problem. You can also use a focal reducer for various intermediate sizes, I don't do that since I have a lot of lenses already.

What actually happens when you bolt the lenses on? Well, obviously if you crop 4K no issues. At 6K you will find some lenses cover the sensor and some don't. So my 42.5 for whatever reason covers the sensor, with a bit more vignetting obviously. My Panny 14mm does not cover the whole sensor. My Olly 12-50 Does *not* cover at 12mm but it *does) cover at 14mm and it is super, super sharp. And, remember, 14 is closer to 12 on m43 anyway.
My legacy glass like my Rokkor 50mm and my Sigma 24, 28, &c manual focus with a $10 adapter to m4/3 covers no problem of course. Same with my Nikkor, whatever. But the newer lenses are better. Plus you can get IS &c.

In some cases, you might just lose a teeny tiny piece of the corner and that doesn't matter of course. As I said, most lenses vignette a bit, so you might get more vignetting and also the vignetting is not corrected in camera. No big deal at all.

What else happens? Well, you will notice right away that in camera correction is off. So with my super sharp Olly 12-40 there's some barrel distortion that I correction post, which as you know is going to crop it a bit. But, if I film open gate (full sensor) I probably will not crop much if at all to get to 6K. And, of course 4K you have way more cropping room. What does it look like? Well, go to Lenstip or Optical limits and they will have a raw grip that shows the precise distortion. It look like barrel distortion And one reason the circle is wider is that they allow for correction in camera, but it is kind of random.

So you may find that you want to go with a low distortion lens, but I myself fond the the Olly 12-40 is so much better than most lenses I just live with the correction. However, you can get a Laowa zero distortion lens (get a super 35 or FF) and you will have, well, zero distortion.
I can also recommend the Canon 50mm budget lens, it's super sharp. But, basically, there's a zillion options that are cheap and work great. If you want IS, it has to be in the lens, or in post.

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