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Re: Getting good B&W - adjustments and experiments

Keith Cooper wrote:

RobBobW wrote:

Thanks Keith,

When you say that some experimenting is required to get good B&W prints, what does that mean?

The problems with B&W on a printer like this cover the linearity, the neutrality of tone and illuminant metamerism.

With the ABW mode the linearity seems fairly good - but this varies with different papers

With ABW, the tone seems relatively good, but does vary with paper choice.

With any B&W printing the darker tones are much more reflective at deep red wavelengths giving a sensitivity to the spectral distribution of the viewing lighting - this is similar with any paper.

The overall results are not predictable, so you need to experiment with different papers to see what works best for B&W.

The results are such that I've not got a paper I can say is best - add to that the differences in paper types/availability in different regions and to get the best results you need to experiment.

See some of the graphs in the actual review.


Do you mean putting a slight warm tome to the file so it prints neutral black instead of with a blue tint?

The one thing I can say though is that the ABW mode outperformed most profiles. This means that adjustments need to be applied to the ABW settings - adding tints to colour files and printing with ICC profiles seems like a great way to use up paper and ink

I've addressed this in an article I wrote a while ago


The article is using a Canon printer, but the principles are exactly the same for the 15000

Thank you for all the helpful information.  Have ordered an XP-15000 and it should arrive by the end of the month.  Now to dispose of my expired trusty R1900 for parts...

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