What's it like to buy a $ 9000 Leica Summicron lens ?

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Re: What's it like to buy a $ 9000 Leica Summicron lens ?

Leica Eye wrote:

Karl Huber wrote:

Mr Giggles wrote:

I know that a few of you folks on this forum have a little bit of extra pocket change and want the best Lecia glass.

What is the process like of buying a small rangefinder lens which cost almost 5 figures ?

do you ponder the purchase for years?

do you tell anyone ,,, or is it so inconceivable a purchase for a non Leica user that you keep it secret ?

do you take it with you on your travels or is a cause of worry like wearing a Rolex in poor third world countries ?

if you have 3 such lens we are now talking 30 grand in lens plus camera = about 40 grand in a small camera bag

or do you only ever travel with one - just in case

do you feel that they are worth the money ?

I am interested in any and all comments

So many people today spend money they don't have, on articles they don't rneed, to impress people they don't like (or have not met).

Pray - how do you know this? L

I deal with many of them on a frequent basis.

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