Z50 vs X-T30 for theatre photography

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Re: Z50 vs X-T30 for theatre photography

I shoot theatre with my X-T20. With both bodies being similarly capable, I think it comes down to the lenses; especially with stage lighting. If you're shooting on-the-run in addition to staged, photocall type work, you'll need the flexibility zooms offer (as your research suggests). In low light theatrical conditions, I often find my 18-55 2.8-4 isn't fast enough; the 16-50 will be even worse capturing dimly lit scenes.

Fast primes will work for staged shots with adequate light or if you can roam every area of the theatre freely while you shoot, but you're going to miss a lot of shots with that 50 2.0 if you're only shooting on-the-run. You may want to consider the 16-55 2.8 and don't get the 50 if your budget allows. The 50-230 will give you enough reach to shoot close-up details of costumes, props, small scenic elements, etc., but only with enough light.

I can't speak to Nikon's lenses

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