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Re: Multi-row Milky Way Panorama - Shooting Workflow

Jared Willson wrote:

This seems really... Ambitious. Especially if you can’t practice it before hand. Doing pano’s on stationary subjects and blending them is not too bad. But a changing night sky? With 15 panels? Needing multiple exposures each? And a tracker to allow longer exposures, thus resulting in more shifting of the stars and changes to the light?

Honestly, I’m not sure how well it will work out. Getting a seamless blend with all that motion is going to be tough. Keep in mind the sky will be rotating as well across a field that large, not just shifting. And with two minutes total integration time per panel that is going to add up by the time you get to the end,

If you could try it out at home first I think that would be a good idea. Otherwise, try a shorter focal length lens so you don’t need as many panels to cover the same composition. You’re going to be really disappointed if you come back with nothing. Could you use a 28mm lens and cut it to just four panels? That’s still a ton of megapixels for you to play with.

Thanks for the feedback. Previously I actually also couldn't imagine this working due to the many moving subjects in the scene. Especially the concept of tracking a panel, going to the next one and tracking that too, then later in post how could such panels possibly be stiched together with all the movement happening. But a few images have been posted here with this kind of method, so apparently it can work.

In particular, this one is serving me a bit as role model as I really want to capture more details and colors in Rho Ophiuchi - hence the longer focal length:

I don't expect much with my first couple of attempts but gotta start somewhere and my first MW night out will already be tomorrow. Will definitely reduce the number of panels though, the 16 in this thread are just meant as an illustration. And I will bring my 18mm for a non-pano shot, so if all fails at least the night will not be completely for nothing

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