Purchasing a Drone before going to Hawaii, is it worth it?

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Re: Purchasing a Drone before going to Hawaii, is it worth it?

kenju4u wrote:

Thanks for sharing videos looks amazing.

Thanks! I edited the footage heavily in terms of cuts and some color correction. I have to learn manual settings for video: I used only fixed (daytime) white balance. Exposure was on auto, and it does create problems.

Glad you hear you had some opportunities to fly it without issues.

There were quite many opportunities, I just did not use many of them. One of the most significant issues/factors to consider is the strong wind. I was scared to fly on many cases—with my absolute novice level.

What apps or tools did have you have to get permissions for flying?

DIJ app has it. For example, look at the map: when I was at the beach I had no idea that the airport at Hilo is so close: most probably I was in the red zone. The drone did not take-off. But it did after the authorization request via the phone app.

Now look at your island: I think you'll find opportunities to fly.

Were you scared to fly it over water thinking it will crash and you will lose it?

I was very scared and felt very uncomfortable, it felt like that the thing gets lower every time it goes over the water. It is the automatic return (RTH) that got the drone back for me. I did not master flying by map, and orientation just by what the drone sees was not very easy.

Also, my phone does not work with my Mini 2, so I use either my wife's iPhone or my son's Samsung, both are not very familiar to me, it complicates things a little.

Happy flying!

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