Bought a new charger for BX1 batteries.

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Guy Parsons
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Bought a new charger for BX1 batteries.

In my quest to keep my batteries in good condition I happened on Nitecore USN2 charger for BX1 batteries.

Neat design, holds two batteries, one on top and one underneath, supplies information while charging. Be aware that the battery is inserted "upside down" compared to the usual little Sony BX1 charger.

I label the batteries with their bought date, plus a letter in order to cycle through them evenly.

Charges at about 600mA rate, has a temperature sensor pin so is safer than the Sony USB charger. Connect to a 5V 2A output USB supply is recommended for two batteries but 1A supply for one battery would deliver the same charge time.

The display alternates between measured voltage plus charging rate as seen in the picture and temperature plus how many mAh so far progressed into the battery. A little blinking bar display shows how far it has charged.

Naturally at 4.2V it should stop. Watching it now and it is at 4.2V but seems to have started lowering the charge rate. As I watch over a few minutes at 4.2V the charge is now down to less than half the initial charge rate. Now minutes later the charge rate is way down (still showing 4.2V) and the temperature is a few degrees cooler than before. Now at "end" and showed that it packed 601mAh into a battery that showed only one bar on my RX100M6 when it was removed (it only shows what charge went in and not the total capacity of the battery, unless you went to dead flat in the camera). The final temperature settled at 33C and the final charge rate seen was 32mA, the peak charge was 629mA and the peak temperature was 40C.

For someone paranoid about extending battery long term life then this charger allows one to watch it and pull the battery when it hits 4.1V or maybe when first hits 4.2V as slight undercharge will extend life at the expense of a few shots less per charge.

It cost me about AU$50 in Australia but would be cheaper if I looked around or if living in the US of A.

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