RX-100 vii versus new cell phone?

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Re: RX-100 vii versus new cell phone?

I have the S21 Ultra which sort of has the same zoom/lens setup as my RX100M6. So I suppose you could compare them. I’m not an expert in photography or Sony RX100’s, but my feeling is the larger sensor and lens of an actual camera will usually perform better than a cell phone’s camera module with fixed lenses and apertures. There is only so much software can do, but that said for someone that take photos mainly on Auto, I would trade my RX100 for a S21Ultra without a second thought (if I didn’t already have them). Auto mode with my RX100M6 never produced very good shots. It’s not a good camera to just whip out for a quick pic, IMO. And terrible in low light/Night. I take faaaar better photos with my S21U than my Rx100, but again, I’m no pro.

I think shooting more manually is where an actual camera may top a flagship level cell phone, but obviously with a camera, that’s all you get, which is fine if you’re getting both. With the S21U, you get a pretty damn good camera and all the other tech goodies a flagship phone comes with- amazing screen to work on, editing software like Lightroom, connectivity, Wacom comparable pen/stylus, etc... Samsung adds so much more to their top phones, it would take a page to list everything probably haha...

And in case you’re wondering, I had the S20Ultra and that camera was terrible, even after all the fixes it took to be useable. The S21Ultra fixes all those ills. It has an actual 10x Optical lens, 3x Optical, Wide and Ultra wide, with decent apertures and great low light perf. I just wish Samsung would open the full 108mp to pro mode for RAW pics.

Another phone to consider is the Note 20 Ultra. I have that as well and while it doesn’t have the 10x Opt lens, it was the best camera on a Samsung phone until the S21U. Plus you can find them for a decent discount these days (in the US). Other than that, if you can afford to, a avoid the S21 or Plus and go right to the Ultra if you want and decent zoom capabilities. The cropped/digital zoom the lower models do never hold up. And finally, I also have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which takes fantastic photos and with ProRaw I have gotten amazing results, maybe a slight edge over the S21U, but zoom is only 2.5x. If I were more of a videographer I might choose the iPhone over the S21U.

Check out GSMArena.com for some good spec comparisons between phones (camera specs too). And DXO for phone camera comparisons/ratings

Good luck with your choice!

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