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Alen K wrote:

I think your background level is fine. Even at ISO 250, the noise due to the high background level from light pollution should swamp the read noise. I think also that a 200mm lens does give a good field of view for this event; no need to go wider. However, you could have rotated the framing for a better fit so that Mars to Pleiades runs lengthwise.

Saying "Bortle skies" doesn't actually specify what level of light pollution you have. The Bortle scale is a very coarse numbering system for light pollution, hence all skies everywhere are "Bortle skies." I'm going to assume you have a Bortle 5 sky but that's just a wild guess. The higher the sky brightness, the more total exposure you need to pull out the faint stuff. With your skies, your hour at f/3.2 will I think give you some decent nebulosity. But to get the really faint stuff surrounding the Pleiades, you would need much more, even in darker skies.

Thanks Alen.

Am in a bortle 6 zone, forgot to input that somehow.

I could not rotate the camera for a different orientation  the way it was setup on the tracker. If I had used the tripod collar I could have.

Will stack and process (best I can, that's my weak spot right now!!) this week and see how it comes out. I would be happy to get something similar to what Primeshooter posted recently. With  36 minutes, more likely from darker skies though.

Thanks again.

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