Birds and Gators and BIFs. Oh my? (3/8/21)

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Birds and Gators and BIFs. Oh my? (3/8/21)

Picking up after the western wetlands trip, shooting with the 200-600mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter...I then went back to Green Cay Wetlands and Wakodahatchee Wetlands, starting out with the 200-600mm lens with no teleconverter, then switching to the 100-400mm lens later in the day.

All of the following were taken on 12/19/2020, and all with the A6600 - the first few with the 200-600mm lens, then I'll note when switching to the 100-400mm lens.  All are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view the originals:

Starting with a juvenile boat-tailed grackle at the highest point of the pond apple tree, looking out over the grasses

It was another cooler day in South Florida, which meant the gators were mostly out of the water trying to get some sun.  this gator has a reserved parking spot on this bank, and can be spotted there regularly

A young male blue-winged teal, who hadn't quite gotten his full adult colors yet

Another male blue-winged teal - this one with non-breeding adult colors

A group of female teals - I assumed at first all blue-winged females.  But on closer inspection, the two in the back are blue-winged teals for sure, while the one in front is a female green-winged teal - a much more rare species at my local wetlands (note the buffy-stripe under the tail, and the all-green speculum patch)

The rest of the photos that follow were taken with the FE100-400mm GM lens:

A green heron warming itself in the sun

Another green heron, puffing itself up to appear larger and more threatening - as another green heron had appeared nearby

A lovely black-and-white warbler working its way around the trees looking for bugs

A red-shouldered hawk doing its best Dr. Evil impersonation: "One Million Dollars!"  (actually just cleaning a recent meal from its talons)

Another look at the red-shouldered hawk hiding up in the shadows of the pine trees

A double-crested cormorant that had just lifted out of the water and was heading back to its tree nest

I was shooting mostly into the sun, which gave all the little water droplets their shimmer

This great blue heron was doing a mating call/dance - head straight up, groaning call, then quickly dropping the head and neck down while snapping the bill

Lots of cormorants coming in and out of the nesting islands - but one of them was not like the others.  This is actually a much more rare species than the other double-crested cormorants - this is a neotropic cormorant coming in to land

An ibis flying in low over the water with a backlit glow from the sun

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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