what is your top feature pick on fuji camera?

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Re: what is your top feature pick on fuji camera?

klayking wrote:

maxxxx wrote:

Better Af-C and fixing a lot of little UI inconveniences like :

- the 1/500 shutter speed limit in auto ISO

- I want to disable some of the EVF/LCD view modes I never use but still have to cycle through all the time

- remove the limits to what can be placed into fn buttons or the q menu

There are probably quite a few more that could easily and cheaply fixed in firmware and make the camera much nicer.

wow, really did not see this coming. anyone else need this?

Can you share why this is a problem for you? Can you use speed priority instead?

On an airshow with a lot of sun you often need faster shutter speeds. But you have to shoot at F5.6 or autofocus performance goes to hell. With fixed shutter speed and aperture now you already have two variables fixed. ISO can’t go any lower than 160 or 80 so you are often overexposed. Limiting the fastest auto  ISO shutter speed to 1/500 is a silly limitation which cant be justified. It simply doesn’t make sense and would be easy to fix.

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