what is your top feature pick on fuji camera?

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Re: what is your top feature pick on fuji camera?

klayking wrote:

First, I hope this thread won't convert into another Fuji bashing thread.

I hope we can contribute as a whole, give some idea of what is important for us, who use and love Fuji.

Fuji has different models with different features. This is a fact. nothing right or wrong. Some model, like xt-4 got pretty much everything but missing the light weight and 3 way flip screen for some. The other, like X-E4, is the minimalist and entry level, but missing some feature from x-t4, while it is light and small.

For me, if I have one pick, I would like x-e4 with weather seal. I only do still and no BIF or sports, and WR will let me to use in all weather.

out of following, (not a complete list, please add yours) what is your top pick? or what will be the addition or minus of your current body? I actually surprised how much we want by reading this forum.

  • IBIS
  • WR
  • Video, as important as still, one body and do it all
  • NO VIDEO, or minimal video, careless about video, use camera for still only
  • Light weight, less than 500g, x-t1 or x-pro3 weight
  • 3 way flip screen, cannot live with flip out screen
  • x-pro3 flip screen. I am not joking. some will pay extra for it.
  • OVF
  • better EVF
  • battery life
  • focus speed, eye, animal eye, dog eye AF, has to be better or equal to sony
  • more film simulations, got to have them all
  • Full frame
  • PSAM
  • no PSAM
  • PRICE, camera is good enough. nothing matters as long as it take pictures
  • more MB
  • more lens, tele ... more third party
  • Bayer

Better Af-C and fixing a lot of little UI inconveniences like :

- the 1/500 shutter  speed limit  in auto ISO

- I want to disable some of the EVF/LCD view modes I never use but still have to cycle through all the time

- remove the limits to what can be placed into fn buttons or the q menu

There are probably quite a few more that could easily and cheaply fixed in firmware and make the camera much nicer.

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