Inaccurate Aperture Markings on Meike 28/2.8

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kypfer Regular Member • Posts: 490
Re: Inaccurate Aperture Markings on Meike 28/2.8

Is it possible the Meike has a sticky or otherwise faulty aperture? Does it open and close evenly and promptly when you operate it by hand?

What mount is fitted to the Meike? If it's not the same as the Pentax lens, and you're using a different adaptor, therein could lie your problem … one or other of the adaptors could be problematic.

You talk about an "adapted Pentax M28/3.5", so presumably you're not using a Pentax camera, so there's a third variable in the mix. You'll probably need to some further testing, maybe borrowing a Pentax camera to confirm the Pentax lens would be a good starting point.

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