A6600 update is on its way :)

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Re: A6600 update is on its way :)

I bought A7Riv last week. I really tried to avoid going the FF route, but I have 1 major requirement that no current sony apsc camera meet and that is 1/8000 shutter speed. For the last few years I used a6500 and I will definitely still use it (its a great small camera). My preferences were for sony to stop increasing the size and weight of the apsc cameras and add 1/8000 shutter, bsi sensor and uncompressed raw. none of this was added to a6600 (but the size/weight keep increasing) and it become apparent (to me) that sony just dont care much about apsc. I now have all this and a lot more in a7Riv. btw I am also in UK and bought it new from panamoz with 3 years warranty for £2170. The sigma trio works great with Riv and I will certainly use my apsc glass with it. I would say that the bulk and weight difference compared to a6500 is noticeable, I just have to admit defeat here and will have to adapt and live with it. btw last year I tried Riii, but that was a huge disappointment. Riv is a much better camera.  
Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Riv

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