Male and Female Cardinal - AF spot and Target Finding AF

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Male and Female Cardinal - AF spot and Target Finding AF

This past week I visited local park area .

I have seen a Male Cardinal in the past and was hoping to see one again.

I did...I did

Male Cardinal- Keeping warm@ 2000mm

Notice that the branches are ...well...all over the place

While I recently switched to Target Finding AF for my primary choice AF, I knew I would have much better results choosing AF Manual (Spot).

With it's (1) smaller area AF point, one can aim and shoot in between the branches and get AF on the subject. Plenty of branches in front of subject , which are not seen in these shots.

Female Cardinal @1800mm

When subject is closer and has less distracting branches then it's easier for the AF to find it's subject.

Female with seed @2000mm - 1/125th shutter- handheld- amazing VR

Female Cardinal amongst the many branches in front and back- 1800mm

Target Finding AF seems to work the best when shooting BIF:


Stay healthy


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