Can someone explain this photo?

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Re: Can someone explain this photo?

Chris5437 wrote:

X-Wing swallow indeed πŸ˜‚. R2D2, what confuses me is that I've taken photos of hummingbirds with similar settings but this is the first time I've seen this affect. Is it simply that this wing was moving faster horizontally? Or is there some other contributing factor?

Actually I use the raw burst mode quite often but this is the first time I've seen this effect; but also the first time shooting this particular bird.

+1 What Sittatunga wrote.

This "effect" is exacerbated by closeness to the subject, and increased angular velocity (in the case of fast-moving wings).

Fortunately it's a pretty rare occurrence (IME) and I haven't seen it very often myself, though I don't use RAW burst mode very much (I normally use a standard high speed mShutter burst). I think I only have one M6ii shot saved that exhibits something similar, though not identical...

Rolling shutter effect. Ghost wings.

And one from the R5...

Click on original size to see the "aliasing" more clearly on the wingtips.

I've shot lots of hummers too (mostly with mShutter but some with eShutter) and haven't found rolling shutter to be a problem. So keep on doing what works for you!


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