What's it like to buy a $ 9000 Leica Summicron lens ?

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Re: What's it like to buy a $ 9000 Leica Summicron lens ?

Mr Giggles wrote:

I know that a few of you folks on this forum have a little bit of extra pocket change and want the best Lecia glass.

What is the process like of buying a small rangefinder lens which cost almost 5 figures ?

do you ponder the purchase for years?

do you tell anyone ,,, or is it so inconceivable a purchase for a non Leica user that you keep it secret ?

do you take it with you on your travels or is a cause of worry like wearing a Rolex in poor third world countries ?

if you have 3 such lens we are now talking 30 grand in lens plus camera = about 40 grand in a small camera bag

or do you only ever travel with one - just in case

do you feel that they are worth the money ?

I am interested in any and all comments

For me, it is just like buying any other high-end, expensive thing. I review the following questions objectively ...

  • What is it that I'm considering it for?
  • What advantage do I get from using it and is the price premium worth the advantage?
  • What do I need to do to use it and minimize the risk of loss or damage?
  • Can I afford it? Can I afford to lose it?

And, depending upon the answers, I go for it ... or not. If I go for it, I start making photographs with it, whenever it's the apropos tool.

In the end, it's just another lens. I buy lenses to use them, not to enshrine them for sacred adoration or to complete a collection. LOL!


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