Scanner light sources- LED versus Cold cathode

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Re: Scanner light sources- LED versus Cold cathode

Thanks as ever for that reference Overrank. It’s very interesting although I had already seen it before.

I am still interested if anyone has any actual first-hand experience of comparing the scans from the two types of light sources.

There do seem to be a number of benefits to be had from LED sources (whether they be single white LEDs as in the Konica Minolta 5400ii or multiple narrow band LEDs as in some of the Nixon scanners) rather that cold cathode sources (CCFL).

It seems that LEDs:
• emit a fixed spectral output irrespective of temperature or age
which CCFL do not (even during a scan)
• need no warm up time
• have a much longer life time (should out live the scanner’s life)
• can have a wider, less spiky, spectral output (white LEDs) which
can have benefits when scanning different emulsions eg Kodachrome

But how much real life visual difference the above actually makes is still unclear to me.

However one positive outcome that came out of my research was that I’m happy I got the KM 5400ii rather than the earlier model.

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