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Re: FZ2500 or RX10 iv

First....   I have not used or have any experience with a FZ2500. All of my comments are based on comments posted on this forum and the Sony forum.

That said, the FZ2500 is less expensive than the RX10iv. But the RX10iv has a longer reach, 600 mm vs 480 mm.

The RX10iv is tack sharp throughout its full zoom range. It has been commented that the FZ2500 might soften slightly at full zoom. Now how much and would the difference be noticeable is open for interpretation. I have no data to back that up.

Sony's menu system is different from Panasonic's. If you are used to one, the other will feel cumbersome. The same goes for handling. The knobs and controls are in different places. One must get used to either camera.

I have been using a RX10iv and before that a RX10iii for about 6 or so years and I am very comfortable with it. There was a bit of a transition coming from a FZ150, but there will be a similar relearning with any new camera.

It has been stated that the RX10iv might be slightly sharper than the FZ2500. Again, you probably have to delve deeply down into the pixel level to determine this. I suspect this would not be noticeable at any normal viewing distances.

Each camera has a couple of nice modes, not found in the other.

I cannot comment on video at all, as I only take stills.

In my case, doing a lot of wildlife photography, the longer reach of the Sony was my deciding factor, but everyone has different needs.

I would say you need to see which camera best meets your personal shooting style and requirements and go in that direction.

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