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ken_in_nh wrote:

Makes sense. I like to think of photographs as interpretations of what we saw, or wanted to see, in a scene, like you did. We may not like over-baked HDR shots, for example, but many people do.

Hi Ken,

Exactly, photography it's always some kind of aproximation of the scene which we saw in own eyes, translated by (camera/film/development process) technological limits into final artwork. For some people images more flat/natural are regarded as better, but for others the interpretations with vibrant analog simulations are the ones sought. It's always some kind of subjective preference, as with all other things in life.

Even in analog color films were always problems with capturing the real colors of the scene without any devations, as there was always some kind of hue made by chemical components of the film or development process, and the type of paper used which had the impact on the final image. In digital times we have similiar situations.

But leaving behind this angle of view, it's always good to see a painting of the Andrew Wyeth the same as Pablo Picasso, it's all about art.

Best regards,


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