D780 Shutter Sounds Comparo (600, 700, 750, 780, z50)

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Re: D780 Shutter Sounds Comparo (600, 700, 750, 780, z50)

Fred Mueller wrote:

Right ... I was, until retired, actually a recording engineer so understand sound energy in a pretty sophisticated way. Photography is just an "on the side" business and a good one for me now ...

Being a recording engineer would put you in good stead if you ever do any video too - which the Z & 780 would be more apt for. I've always felt the audio was as important if not more so than the video acquisition in a production.

The hi frequency content of the D700 shutter makes it more noticeable ... when in fact it may actually have less energy content than the others ... you'd have to do a FF analysis to actually plot the energy sums ...

I was a theoretical physicist and did FFT for breakfast! But, it's very interesting applying signal processing and analysis now to both image and audio, and the tools available are fabulous.

the feel of the 780 shutter/mirror/body is a little bit disappointing to me. .....

Although ergonomics and feeling for the camera are really important, perhaps you could work through that aspect. Up to you, there's so much pressure on making things smaller, though I felt that Nikon did well to resist some of that with the Z on FF and make the handling good.

I'm basically thinking about Jumping into Z, but might get a 780 just to keep a modern F body going ... figuring there will be nice 2nd hand F mount glass all over the place.

Sounds a good call, and the F mount glass, although at sensible prices now, is certainly not suffering any kind of mass sell-off; so if you budget a 10 year nominal well-used lifetime, that's decent value, I think. At this point in time, I calculate that moving to an equivalent Z system would be just under twice the price including lenses, though I expect that differential to erode.

I like the 750 grip over the 780 too ... but that is highly personal.

I ummed and ahhed about the grip on the D750, but am delighted with it now. Feels great and encourages me to use portrait when suitable.

The output of the 780 is a clear jump up from the 750 (mind you the 750 is still very much "current") so that 24 mpx backside sensor and Nikons latest processing is no joke. In fact the output of the Z50 is pretty impressive.

Those are Kirk L-brackets.


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