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Ulvervs wrote:

ken_in_nh wrote:

Interesting. How'd you get the effect?

Thank you Ken for the comment, i made a custom presets in C1, and applied them as layers with different color correction settings and curves.

I tried to mimic the scene which i saw at the sunset in hot summer day, the grass on the slope of mountain was dried and yellow, and when sun was goind down it started to goid really red, while the sky was deep blue at the same time. It's a little overcooked and i end up whith magenta cast on the ground, which is only deviatiob from original scene, but found it pleasing and left as it is, because it gave the image more pop.

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Makes sense.  I like to think of photographs as interpretations of what we saw, or wanted to see, in a scene, like you did.  We may not like over-baked HDR shots, for example, but many people do.

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