GM 50 f/1.2 educated guessing - let's see how close I'll get ,-)

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GM 50 f/1.2 educated guessing - let's see how close I'll get ,-)

Well - interesting times ahead and Sony is not disappointing with new ideas and potential lenses. I am still waiting for my GM 35 f/1.4 to arrive and I am already queuing for the GM 50 f/1.2

I've read at some other forums ( I am not contributing there since whenever I hear 'character of a lens' my sunglasses get black ) and at some blogs that there is high hope for a 'characterful lens' ( oh my god - my sunglasses start to turn black again ) as addition to the existing ZA 50 f/1.4 which is regarded as clinical ( =perfect ).

I've owned the Voigtlaender 40 f/1.2 for about one day and it went straight back to the shop since I could not stand the 'character' of this lens.

I do hope the GM 50 f/1.2 gets as clinical as possible succeeding the pedigree of the GM 135, GM 24 and GM 35 and of course ZA 50 with some aspects of the GM 85 which is not the sharpest lens on earth but truthfully the portraiture lens with the arguably smoothest bokeh I've used to date.

SAR did a great job mouthwatering my interest and I will definitely acquire this lens - especially in case it is not bigger and heavier than the existing ZA 50 - which I really like a lot because it is sharp with lots of contrast and beautiful bokeh at f/1.6 - funny that the bokeh is smoother and more pleasing stopped down ⅓ stop - might be the aperture blades which never fully retract.

Putting together what we seem to know we can do some assumptions and I also wanted to compare the potential size - I am really curious how close I'll get with my predictions.

  • SAR claims that it's shorter than the Sigma Art 35 f/1.2
  • It's supposed to be a bit wider than the existing design
  • recent lenses from Sony have been the smallest and lightest in their individual class
  • We can also assume the GM 50 f/1.2 follows the design philosophy of the recent GM lenses with a red batch, one or two programmable buttons and an aperture ring.
  • We can assume that the front element will be a large XA element and that the size will be quite wide.

So I took the GM 135 as the baseline and cut away a bit in length and we get a potential outline of a GM 50 f/1.2

We can be pretty certain that the focus mechanism will follow the latest designs with fixed front and rear element(s) and focus motor(s) in the thicker part of the lens to allow for the known narrowing rear design from Sony.

Additionally I've wanted to verify the claim that other MILC vendors have more space for the fingers while grabbing the camera - so I also included a virtual hand with identical size to illustrate the space between lens and camera body.

This is what I get with all above mentioned preconditions:

Nikon 50 f/1.2 / Canon RF 50 f/1.2 and potential GM 50 f/1.2

Cameras taken from

Since there is no larger prime than the GM 135 in this range it seems pretty obvious that Canon has the least space while Nikon plays in a class of it's own - in every aspect except weight.

I do hope the GM 50 f/1.2 will not be much bigger than my mockup - this would be a very acceptable and nice design - of course it would not feature f/22 but most probably f/16 as maximum aperture - I doubt also that the GM 50 will get a focus limiter.

These are the parameters I'd love to see on the upcoming GM 50 f/1.2:

  • Weight below 800 g ( hopefully in a range around 700 g )
  • Size roughly GM 85 or a bit smaller with the diameter of the GM 135 maximum
  • one or two programmable buttons
  • aperture ring
  • AF/MF switch on the lens
  • 1..2 XA elements
  • close to apochromatic correction
  • very sharp wide open and one of the sharpest ever built 50 mm lenses - on the level of the GM 35 f/1.4 - which exceeds all ever built fast 35 mm lenses
  • low to almost no distortion and ultra high contrast.
  • rather high vignetting wide open - up to 3 ½ stops - as recently the GM 35
  • water sealed
  • dual XD linear motors
  • similar surface treatment as GM 35
  • flat sun shade with rubber gasket on the front
  • price around 2.5 k USD or 3 k EUR
  • availability May 2021

I am curious how close I'll get with my predictions - especially the outline and most of all weight.

What do you guys think?

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