Best Fujifilm X body for manual focus lenses?

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Best Fujifilm X body for manual focus lenses?

I wonder which Fuji X system body - no matter whether old or new - is the best for quick & precise manual focusing. I'm shooting a lot with adapted and native manual focus lenses such as vintage rangefinder lenses and contemporary lenses by 7artisans & TTartisan, and typically wide open (so that zone focusing is not an option).

The criteria for the best manual focusing camera would be:
(a) quick selection/moving of the focus point +
(b) quick viewfinder magnification/electronic zoom
...with focus peaking as an added bonus.

So far, I've used the X-T4, X-E1, X-T200 and X100T which all have their specific advantages and limitations for manual focusing:

- With modern bodies such as the X-T4 and the X-T200, it is of course the easiest to select the focus point via touchscreen and hit focus magnification (in Fuji terminology: focus check) on the assigned button. However, I find that manual focusing via the EVF is more precise, but unlike other brands [Sony...] Fujifilm cameras don't have functions for touchscreen focus point selection while using the EVF, unless I've been missing something.

On modern cameras, focus point selection therefore needs to be done with the joystick/focus lever, which is slower (since you can't select a focus point right away, but need to move the focus square with the joystick). Oddly enough, the cheap/plastic X-T200 has an advantage here over the X-T4 because it has an option to perform focus check/magnification by pressing in the focus lever/joystick. This means that one can do all focus operation with a single knob, while the X-T4 requires to alter between two knobs (joystick + pressing back dial for focus magnification).

- The X-T4, and as I understand the whole X-T1/2/3/4 series, has the Dual Display setting for manual focus, which I think is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it obsoletes manual focus check punch-in, on the other hand, having only a tiny part of the display in 1:1 magnification makes it harder/less comfortable to manually focus.

- With the X-E1 (and, it seems, the X-E2 and early X-A cameras), focus point selection is a bit convoluted, because you first need to press a selector button to activate focus point selection mode, then use the 4 arrow selector buttons to move the focus point, and then punch in by pressing the rear dial.

- I find focus point selection most efficient on the X100T where there's a setup option to skip activation of focus point selection and use the four selector buttons right away to move focus points. This is IMHO faster and haptically better than the joystick/focus lever of the newer cameras, and of course works perfectly in combination with using the EVF.

So I wonder: is there any Fujifilm X body that allows direct focus point selection via the four selector buttons, in combination with focus check/magnification in the EVF?

Or any other clever/efficient/painless way of quickly moving the focus point and checking focus via a punch-in magnification in the EVF?

(As said, it doesn't matter whether the body which does it best is old or new. Personally, I wish I could just have my X100T with an interchangeable lens mount for this purpose.)

Fujifilm X100T Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-E2 Fujifilm X-T200 Fujifilm X-T4
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