What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

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Re: What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

jlafferty wrote:

Also, since you’re set on working indoors, with a budget of “up to $2k per light”, I highly suggest you look at a mix of AD1200s and AD600Pros. The 1200s should get you pretty much all the flexibility you’ll ever need in terms of lowest ISO, fastest recycle time (within the Godox ecosystem). The 600s will give you a different kind of flex in that you can go outdoors or work with smaller/lighter lights for easier setup on the jobs that don’t demand the absolute most output possible. They’re awesome lights, especially if you kit them out with the remote head, a spare battery and the AC adapter.

If you’re in the US, you’d do well to purchase this all through Adorama under the Flashpoint brand.

$2K/light is an arbitrary number, and isn't a hard budget in any means.

AD1200 Pro has a recycle time of 2 seconds. I won't need full power so I know it will beat the 2 second spec.  AD600 Pro cycle time is flat out very impressive to me.

My background lights need very little power. My main light PCB WL X1600 isn't quite enough (660 Ws power). I have to choose between iso 100 and a wider f-stop than I wanted.

What I really need is a new light meter that measures light quality instead of light quantity.

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