16-55 vs 18-55 reality check

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After a while it becomes laughable

Splitting hairs a bit aren't we.

Anything to convince you to buy more stuff that is really very very close to the stuff you already have. I mean really, show me a real world difference between the images that these two lenses will produce.  I have the 18-55 and for me I would never give up OIS and smaller size.

There are so many small incremental improvements in this field and people making a case for them seems ridiculous.

Some upgrades make sense.  I upgraded from an XPro 1 (unusable auto focus and overall an unfinished concept) to the XPro2.  No contest worth every penny.  Would I upgrade to an Xpro3? no way.  While the Xpro3 MAY be better, the amount becomes so small, its not worth talking about.

IMHO, Articles like this make you question a lot of reviews done these days.

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