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Re: ALL Cartridges Not Recognized

Ramonn wrote:

The following pertains to my Epson R1900 with OEM cartridges:

On performing a nozzle check the CO channel was blocked. I did several nozzle checks and cleanings to no avail. I then tried the paper towel with Windex and followed with direct injection with tubing.
At some point I got a message that the cartridges (all eight) were not recognized. An online search suggested that fluid had shorted a circuit and with drying the problem would be corrected. This did not occur.
I spoke with Epson Support who suggested that a sensor was malfunctioning and could not recognize the carts. I contacted a local service repairman who surmised it was a specific circuit board that needed replacement but the part was no longer available.(He did not physically work on the printer. His opinion was based on our phone calls.)
I then explained to him that if I insert each cartridge individually it appears the charging process occurs and the indicator light goes out indicating, I believe , the specific cartridge is recognized. However when I do the very last cartridge then all indicator lights are back on and none of the cartridges are recognized.
Do you think there is damage to the printer or is this more a software or "sequencing " problem? Do you think a reset key would solve the problem?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This may (or may not) be helpful, however; cost to do this is minimal. It will hopefully (at least) remove the possibility of lack of recognition due to chip status

Suggest using a Chip Resetter and reset each cartridge chip. I use auto resettable chip cartridges for my R800 and R1800 printers and reset the chip after refilling the Cartridge. When I used empty OEM Cartridges, I used the same procedure

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