D780 Shutter Sounds Comparo (600, 700, 750, 780, z50)

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Re: D780 Shutter Sounds Comparo (600, 700, 750, 780, z50)

Right ... I was, until retired, actually a recording engineer so understand sound energy in a pretty sophisticated way. Photography is just an "on the side" business and a good one for me now ...

The hi frequency content of the D700 shutter makes it more noticeable ... when in fact it may actually have less energy content than the others ... you'd have to do a FF analysis to actually plot the energy sums ... the feel of the 780 shutter/mirror/body is a little bit disappointing to me. Really feels like something is slinging around in there ... of course it will probably last nearly forever just the same, and there are just so many added features - despite the lack of grip support. The idea that the 780 is just a warmed over 750 is entirely wrong, its a totally new camera that just happens to be 24 mpx ... that's why I wanted to have a good look.

I'm basically thinking about Jumping into Z, but might get a 780 just to keep a modern F body going ...  figuring there will be nice 2nd hand F mount glass all over the place.

I like the 750 grip over the 780 too ... but that is highly personal.

The output of the 780 is a clear jump up from the 750 (mind you the 750 is still very much "current") so that 24 mpx backside sensor and Nikons latest processing is no joke. In fact the output of the Z50 is pretty impressive.

Those are Kirk L-brackets.

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