Well, it's small and light - but don't expect great image quality

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Well, it's small and light - but don't expect great image quality

I have bought this lens for occasions where I want the camera as light and small as possible while still having all the benefits of a full frame sensor (especially dynamic range), for example when strolling around a city while I'm on vacation.

The good things first: It is inexpensive, it is light and it is small while still covering a lot of useful focal lengths, especially in cities. And it is pretty sharp in the central part of the frame. And it has low chromatic abberations.

On the other hand examining the edges and corners clearly show the lens' weaknesses when compared to the Z 24-70/4 S for example. No focal length manages to get as sharp in the corners at f/8 as my 24-70/4 at f/5.6. Some focal lengths (50mm for example) are noticably worse in the corners even when comparing DX mode at f/8 on my Z7 with the 24-70/4 at the same focal lengths in FX mode and at f/5.6. So sharpness decreases pretty early when moving towards the corners.

My copy is also slightly decentered or tilted but I also have seen this amount of decentering with two copies of the Z 35/1.8 S and two copies of the Z 50/1.8 S. For a small, inexpensive zoom I can live with that. With much higher priced primes I found it a shame.

Especially at the wide and long end of the lens I can see a noticable sharpness difference at the edges and in the corners of the frame until I downsample both images (from 24-50mm and 24-70/4) to 4K (2160p) resolution.

While this doesn't sound great at all it still is a significantly better result than the Fuji 15-45mm kit lens that I tried with the X-T4 which had slightly soft corners even at 4K resolution.

I think that the Nikon 24-50mm is a good lens if you consider its price, weight and size. You just shouldn't expect miracles. So I'm giving it 3,5 stars overall because of its low price point but If I had to rate only the image quality it probably would be a 3 star rating.

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