100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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Re: 100-400 paired with A9/1.4x TE or A7IV in crop mode?

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My slogan is "Right place, Right Time, Right Environment (not raining/snowing/overcast/etc)" for photography.



Agreed, EXCEPT don't let inclement weather keep you from wildlife.

Possible snow this afternoon, so I'm at work in the office, but my cameras are in the trunk of my car...

Great works, and you are also weather sealed, :-). But my age, creates leakages as such, not weather sealed,:-). Cheers.

Friend, I'm 73-YO. How 'bout you?

Not far from you, but you are better weather sealed I guess, lots of bodily ailments on the knees, on the spine, on the shoulder and neck. Due to too little exercise when younger, and over exert on running when I am in the 20s, destroying the cartilage of both knees. Almost needed a spine surgery, but thankfully was able to avoid it.

Shoulder and neck from excessive carrying of heavy backpacks when I am in the 50s, now have to be extremely careful about weight I have to carry.

So, I have much more issues bodily, so I always look for ways that will prevent relapse of those serious issues. I created my own trolley bag, that I can pull along even in rugged terrains, and can be revert to backpack when needed. So that I can still bring my gears along for long hikes, plus I need to carry stuff for my wife as well on it.

So, rough weather is impossible for me (and my wife) to handle during our hiking trips.


Understood and sorry to read that. I often see "young people" (under 50) stressing their bodies too much and think, "Don't, you'll be sorry." I've blessed with a linebacker body and the hours in the weight room as a teen are paying off now. Did some mountain biking, but a crash and related shoulder replacement led me to stick to stationary bikes and long walks in the woods.

Ciao my friend and take care...
Oh, almost forgot, the coyote picture was out my car window and the harrier was standing by my car, talking to my 83-YO friend that's half way through two knee replacements. In Colorado, we've got several state parks and National Wildlife Refuges and National Parks, where a lot of shooting can be done from your car or on the roadside. If you can find such places, they present great opportunities to shoot in rain or snow.

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