Photographer Sues Hilary Duff Over “Creep” Claim on Instagram(article)

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Re: cops should've picked her up+ fine + lawsuit

Rich42 wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

Tale as old as time. People assuming they deserve a veil of privacy while in public.

Once stating his business he should've ignored her. If she continued to harass him, the cops should've been summoned and her behind taken to jail for 90 days. Otherwise, you won't get it through people's head that in general.. public property, isn't the same as their private property.

Have a problem with law abiding folks operating according to the law of the land? Change then change the applicable legislation. Fine her $10k + any real damages that he may proove, and call it a day.


If he had called the police. He would have been arrested. Or worse.


I doubt that. The police know they need to have probable cause to arrest someone. They also know that photographing in public is not a crime. I have been approached by police (who were sicked on me by some unseen paranoiac with a phone) while simply photographing scenery on a sidewalk. The officer seemed sheepish (knowing his task was ridiculous but having, nonetheless, to investigate), he was utterly pleasant and professional, and after I explained what I was doing, he wished me a good day and left me alone.

Then again, I'm white. But, I was traveling with a couple of Japanese photographers, which is probably what prompted the call, as we were in a small farming town in the rural south where there probably wasn't another Asian person for 100 miles.

It's easy to have one's view of our society distorted by media reporting and the issues of the day. In the face of grotesque misbehavior by some officers and problems with transparency, incentives, common practices, and simple racial bias - implicit and explicit - in policing, it's easy to assume the worst about all police. And, hesitance on the photographer's part about calling the police would be perfectly understandable under the circumstances. However, the above characterization seems to me both distorted and unhelpful. In my experience, it's the vigilantes, brownshirts, and paranoiacs who have been far more likely than police to infringe my First-Amendment rights when I've been photographing in public, and it has been police who've restored order in such confrontations.

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