What's degrading the quality of these photos?

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What's degrading the quality of these photos?

I took these shots in New Hampshire last fall on my Sony A7RII with the Sony FE 70-200mm lens.

Image One:

200mm ISO 500 F/4 1/640

Image Two:

126mm ISO 500 F4 1/800

In total, I've been shooting for about five years and I've been using this same camera and lens setup for a few years as well. I've never had this blotchiness problem with my photos before and I can't figure out what's causing it.

In the case of these images, it may just be that since I was shooting at F4, the depth of field was too great to capture everything in focus, but it doesn't look like bokeh in the blurry parts per se -- but rather more blotchy, like I said. My focus mode was on AF-C.

I also have different images that I've taken at apertures like F8 and have seen the same issue when I zoom in to the details, but not to this degree.

My ISO is somewhat high, but not too high. Plus, it isn't really noise that I'm seeing here, but again blotchiness.

The one difference that I can think of in the images I've been taking recently which have sometimes given me this problem, is that I've been using a new polarizer from Breakthrough Photography. I've been really happy with it and I'm not sure how it could be the culprit.

I'd be happy to upload some more images with this problem -- which again, is sometimes happening in more subtle ways, if anyone can help me figure it out.

It's making me feel really worried when I go out to shoot because it's hard to tell that it's happening until I get home and onto the computer.

Thanks everyone!

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