Safety of premium phones and budget alternatives

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Re: Safety of premium phones and budget alternatives

In my opinion, investing a lot of money in a phone is pointless. It is better to find a slightly cheaper phone, which may turn out to be only slightly worse than the top one, and costs e.g. 1/2 of its price. This is the real art and not looking for a top phone, especially if it's a purchase in a long term financing plan.

For example, Mate 40 PRO Plus is an incredibly expensive phone, but for half of this amount you can buy P40 PRO Plus and you have photos at almost the same level - maybe 5% difference that you will not notice in everyday use. The 10x zoom is nice as an add-on, but you won't be using it all the time. Personally, I found that for me 3x is more important and much more often used and this is the basic zoom, and instead of the 10x zoom I would prefer 5 or 6x!

An expensive phone looks nice in the store and I know how it invites you to buy, but any flagship phone gets boring very quickly, no matter what camera it has or how fast the processor is. As a last resort, you'll just get used to it and it won't make any difference whether you're using a super-hyper flagship smartphone or the one you currently have. I recommend choosing wisely and not getting too hot to buy the best phone For sure, this forum will help you choose the best.

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