What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

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Re: What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

Richard Hopkins wrote:

"I'm shooting strictly at an indoor studio, shooting designer women's clothing."

That could be a critical requirement, if it's vital to ensure accurate and consistent colour say for on-line sales, though it's nothing that moderately priced strobes can't deliver, eg Godox AD-Pro models with Color Stable mode. Without some intervention like Color Stable, voltage-regulated strobes go warmer as power is reduced, while IGBT-controlled strobes get cooler. In either case, colour should not change shot-to-shot, but only when power output is changed. If working at very low power settings, that's when output might vary a little shot-to-shot but it's unlikely to be a problem with modern equipment even if you notice it and can be corrected in post-processing.

There are other important considerations though. Things that will definitely affect colour:

Modifiers, eg softboxes, can vary significantly. And the shooting environment - studio ceiling/walls/floor/background, carpets, curtains and furnishings, even the colour of your shirt. They will all pick up some light spilled from the set that will find its way back to the subject and create a colour cast. You may also want to run some colour calibration tests for the camera, and note that lenses can also have their own colour characteristics. These things are often minor but they can add up.

I don't mean to make a mountain out of a molehill, but if really tight colour control is important, then TBH the strobe could be the least of your worries. All easily managed when you know where the problem areas are, then once fixed, don't change anything!

I'm definitely still learning. I think you're right about tight color control, there is a lot besides the strobe.

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