What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

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Re: What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

RDKirk wrote:

I don't understand that particular problem. You can set the White Lightning so that the modeling light turns off with the flash and doesn't come on again until the flash has recycled.

If only that modeling light made a beeping sound. I can't see the modeling light since it's behind me, and I'm looking through the lens; the modeling light isn't bright enough to overpower the room's ambient light. It's also a small problem I have and can live with by deleting the under-lit pictures.

The combined problems I have inspired me to do some research and strike up conversation here. There is a lot of info at DPreview comparing top of the line strobes against each other, and there is a lot of information about the best budget friendly options. But I'm not reading a lot of what separates highest performing options from the best budget options.

Also, while I didn't notice a color drift between shots, I can now that I'm looking for them. It's not bad enough to be distracting to the audience, but it's there and it's embarrassing to me for not having recognized it before this thread.

Here is a snip from the website thumb sized images, I just shot this a couple days ago. It isn't terrible color drift, but from different item to item it's a little worse than the lighting Kelvin temp than the drift in the same item. This too isn't enough to make me put the PCB WL on craigslist, but I can finally appreciate when people tell me that a certain light has more accurate color, I really understand that the color drift happens from shot to shot, I thought it just drifted over time with age, or after a bulb change.

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