ALL Cartridges Not Recognized

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Re: ALL Cartridges Not Recognized

Ramonn wrote:

I was able to locate a service manual for the R1900 on line. On page 35, Table 3.1 it suggests that failure to recognize cartridges is related possibly to a CSIC or CSIC FFC failure. Could this mean the problem is not the print head and therefore more likely to be repaired at a reasonable price?

Probably not.

These machines were not designed to be repaired. Maintaining a supply and network of repair parts is more expensive than manufacturing the parts for OEM use and cranking out whole machines, boxing them and shipping them. Frightening but true.

If you can locate and buy the part new (it may only be available as a used part from a cannibalized machine) you think will fix your machine, it's doubtful you can actually do the repair. The defective part is most likely just an integral component of a larger circuit board, which itself may or may not be available and which may or may not be accessible without removing/damaging other components not intended to be disassembled once put together. Add the cost of a repair technician, and, well you get the idea.


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