Windows File Explorer Crashes with RAF to DNG files ...

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Windows File Explorer Crashes with RAF to DNG files ...

Chas J wrote:

Once the folder (in Windows File Explorer) containing DNG files is opened. WINDOWS 10 File Explorer becomes unstable and crashes (within approx. 5 secs) of opening the folder.

This strikes me as likely to be an issue with the software extension that allows Windows to view the RAF files.   Windows handles DNG file types natively, but the various proprietary RAW formats require a plugin module which is normally set up when you install the manufacturer's download/image processing software.   If there's something screwy in that plugin, then it could easily cause File Explorer stability issues.

As a workaround, you could set the folder to "details" view so that it doesn't try to display thumbnails.   Then you can open the "preview" panel and click on files one at a time to show their contents in the preview window.   That might give you a better idea of exactly which file is causing the problem.

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