A couple questions about a new monitor. 10bit or is 8bit + FRC fine, etc

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A couple questions about a new monitor. 10bit or is 8bit + FRC fine, etc

Hi I'm trying to decide on a new monitor.

First, I would loveto get a really nice Eizo, but that isn't happening in this economy.

Price range: $2-2.5Kish Canadian.

Need a zero flicker display, so no PWM.

Also, I'm using an i1Display Pro calibrator.

Some of my questions are, true 10bit vs 8bit + FRC. Thoughts?

If I go ultra-wide for the extra space it would almost definitely be a resolution height of 1440p. One of my concerns is that very few companies that make good monitors (Eizo, NEC who else?) have a large selection of ultra-wide angle monitors, and they're curved.

Which leads me to my next question. Curved. It scares me. lol I do a lot of landscape, and the idea of a curved monitor makes me nervous.

4K vs 2K (1440p)? I've seen a 4K at 32" and at 100% Windows DPI, I would have needed 20/10 vision. At 1440p, a 27" seems perfect at 100% DPI, and DPI scaling issues are a PITA, but I've heard 27" 4K monitors are amazing due to the size of the pixels. /*shrug*

Are VA panels within a DE (once calibrated) that would be unnoticeable these days, or is IPS still better enough to see the difference? I'd be going wide gamut.

Panel brightness, and OMDG, uniformity, that I don't have to sacrifice a ton of contrast to get. Good out of the box is even better.

Hardware calibration is awesome for some things, but as long as it has lots of OSD options, I should be OK. I generally use DisplayCal anyways. That's partly why I want good uniformity out of the box.


Let me know if you want some other details.


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