What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

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Re: What are the benefits in upgrading strobe lights with a premium brand?

Thanks a lot, I'm beginning to understand what goes into high performance. Between y'all putting me on the right path, and the youtube reviews and marketing specs, I'm beginning to better understand the benefits.

I'm annoyed with my PCB WL, and these annoyances have me questioning an upgrade. Now I have a more informed mind to appreciate the details that separate budget, mid tier, and the highest performing gear.

I'm shooting strictly at an indoor studio, shooting designer women's clothing. Nothing creative, no creative ad work (yet). No stopping motion is needed, the closest is when the model sways her hair or dress to imply motion. I wish the cycle times were quicker, when I get a dark shot I assume it's the cycle time, it could be something else.

My PCB WL gear is about $430/strobe, I could stretch to $1500/strobe as an arbitrary number if the adjustable clamp never drifts, the cycle time was cut in half, and now I know the color consistency from a budget light drifts from shot to shot ( I can expect it to be the same or better). I'd expect a better softbox mount to light system (I don't know what this is called), and I expect the light modifiers to be easy to set up/break down. Looking at profoto and broncolor, they both look cumbersome compared to PCB (even if I don't love the craftsmanship).

If I'm looking at a power pack system, for that level of budget, I think I'd upgrade to medium format first.  I'm seriously impressed by the power pack system, it's just more money than I feel it's worth to me. I'd benefit from having a quick cycle time, but not enough leap into this bracket yet.

Thank you all so much for your kind and educational responses.

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