Help a novice: sharp or unsharp images? Should I return my X-T30?

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Re: Lens testing

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ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

An APS-C camera can only resolve so much,

Care to elaborate on that? I was doing the math the other day and came up with about 340 MP to fully resolve f/4 on a DX sensor versus 181 MP to fully resolve f/5.6 on an FX sensor, that is what would be required before a theoretically perfect lens would be diffraction limited.

An APS-C sensor is most likely to have 4000 x 6000 pixels, so it can resolve only 2000 line-pairs per image height. It probably has a colour mosaic, which will almost halve that.

The mosaic doesn't reduce resolution; there's still discrete data at every pixel. What it does is reduce local colour discrimination.

A good prime lens will generally resolve finer detail than the APS-C sensor can record.

Depth of field and subject movement are major causes of blur.

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