Help a novice: sharp or unsharp images? Should I return my X-T30?

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Re: Lens testing

giovirovi wrote:

Hi everybody.

Thank you for your help and for your kindness. I just went out to take a few pics to post here, to judge if the sharpness level is reasonable or not, since I am coming from smartphone and I really don't have a reasonable comparison. So, photos are made with a brand new X-T30 with a 35mm f2, also brand new. Simulation is classic chrome if I am not wrong.

The first 2 images are what's called acceptably sharp.

The 3rd photo i assume you were trying to shoot that Automobile in the field? Your problem with this shot is that you didn't shoot it properly. Look up the term Hyper Focal Distance/ Hyper Focus if you're going to shoot landscape or shots like that then you're going to have to learn about Hyper Focus.

The last 2 are confusing I can't find where you focused. They both seems to suffer from camera shake.

Your camera and lens are fine it's the operator who has the problem. Photography has a giant learning curve take small bites, don't become frustrated, and shoot, shoot, shoot as they say practice makes perfect.

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